Hooray! It’s time for another Brand Spotlight.

This time it’s the turn of Beauty Pie. An entirely new concept and if I’m honest, not one I was fully on board with at first. Now I am a HUGE fan.

Beauty Pie is a membership that gives you access to really beautiful high end products at VERY low prices. They go direct to the labs to create their own skincare, makeup, fragrance and body products and sell them to us at just above cost. The money is made from the memberships.

Each membership gives you a spending limit and they list the membership and non membership prices. The non membership price would be what you would be paying if you were shopping in SpaceNK or John Lewis. My monthly membership is £20 and my spending limit is £200. That is £200 at the non membership price though so I don’t really spend more than £50-60/month. You can get a membership as low as £5/month.

So here are my current favourites-

Cleanse, Hydrate, Moisturise

The Jeju Daily Cleanser is my current favourite from BP. I’ve tried their Double Phase as well but I prefer this texture. A light cream I massage into a dry skin and it melts away all makeup including long lasting eye makeup. As you massage in it turns into an oil, then you add water to emulsify it into a milk and then rinse off with a flannel and warm water. You can double cleanse with this or follow with another cleanse. £11.39 members/£28 non members

The Jeju Daily Hydration Mist is a lovely, refreshing and deeply hydrating face mist. I like to use this as the first step of my skincare as well as mid way through my makeup if I feel my skin looks/feels dry. It’s also great as a freshening up spritz through the day if you need to bring some dewiness back to your face. £10.58 Members/£30 non members.

My favourite moisturiser disappeared from the UK so I was very happy to find this. Japanfusion is an entire range in BP but I am loving the M3 Urban Air Purifying Day moisturiser. It’s very lightweight but comforting on the skin. it’s light enough to not clog pores and protects the skin from environmental stress and photo-aging. £12.36 Members/£50 Non Members.


I like to add in serums that I can pull in specifically for what skin issues I have at the moment. This is called wardrobing your skincare. Your skin will have different needs not only in different areas of the face, but at different times. Week to week my skin can change as well as season to season.

When my skin needs clarifying, brightening and thinks it’s a teenager again, the Plantastic micropeeling drops are excellent. Full of fruit acids, purifying biosurfectants and natural brighteners I use this daily when I’m having breakouts and 2/3 weekly when I’m not. £9.32 members/£50 non members

I’m a big hyaluronic fan and the Triple Hyaluronic Acid is delightful! Very plumping and feels lovely under moisturiser or mixed in. Full of Ceramides and Peptides this is anti aging as well as hydrating. £14.36 members/£60 non members


The makeup is also really, really good. I have bought a lot for my pro kit and gone back and doubled up for personal use. The true test of success!

My main WIN is the Uber Volume Fibre Lash Building Primer. I’m a mascara primer fan and this is the BEST I’ve tried. A firm plastic brush deposits just the right amount onto the lashes and when you pop that mascara on top it’s just WOW. Voluminous lashes without the clumping. £3.54 members/£18 non members

These 10 pan pallets are gorgeous. I have 3 but this is my preferred one. This is the Ten Best Mattes Palette and the shades are dreamy, the texture is buttery and easy to blend (not an easy thing with matte shades) and it’s small and compact. This gets a LOT of use in my pro kit. £10.32 members/ £35 non members

Gel liners are a staple in my kit and I’ve used pretty much all the known ones out there. These Wondergel All-Day Stay eyeliners deliver as good as any of the big ol spendy ones and they are much more affordable. I have both the Black and the Dark Chocolate. £5.94 members/ £15 non members

One Powder Wonder is a really super powder product that doesn’t leave ANY dryness or cakiness. It blurs, blots, smooths and sets. I use the shade Uberlucent Universal (I think it’s there only shade) which is pigment free and it is £6.64 members/ £26.00 non members

Lastly, Wondercolour Longwear Cream Shadow Stick. I’ve carried Cream Shadow Sticks in my kit since they were invented. I used to spend £20+ on each shade from Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown and these BP ones are EXACTLY the same in terms of quality and finish. And a great shade selection. They are a cult favourite already and I agree with that status. I have the shades Goldie, Pink Velvet and Fauna and I will be getting the full set. £4.93 members/£22 non members

I have absolutely NO affiliation with Beauty Pie in that they don’t pay me to say any of this, nor do they send me any products. I do however have a code for you if you would like to try- it gives you one months free membership and I get an extra £50 on my spending limit. NOT £50 to spend. It allows me to spend £50 (like I need encouraging) but I want to always be translucent with you with these codes.

Click HERE to look at what they offer and get your free month!

If you need any help with choosing, drop me an email. I will always help if I can 🙂

Katy x