Become your OWN Makeup artist in 6 weeks


Go From Confused to Confident.

Learn the techniques ideal for YOU from the comfort of your own home.


We’ve just kicked off the most recent intake – but you can get on the waitlist and be the first to know about the next one!

Do any of these sound at all like you?


    • Skincare and Makeup is something you enjoy but you don’t feel confident trying new things.
    • You’ve been wearing the same foundation/lip shade for years and don’t know how to change.
    • You’re busy! You don’t have time to go and sit in a department store and experiment with new techniques.
    • The thought of sitting in a public makeup counter fills you with dread, or you’ve had a bad counter experience before.
    • You want to learn online, but NOT from the YouTube influencers who’s style is not to your taste.
    • You want to learn techniques that are individual to YOU and not one size fits all or trend driven.
    • Your style is YOU on your best day, NOT yellow/beige heavy foundation and/or huge dark brows.
    • You want more than just to be shown something, you also need to know WHY so you can make the right choices in the future.
    • Skin… You just don’t know where to start! You don’t know your skin type or how to diagnose it.
    • You buy products over and over but do not get the results you want.
    • You need time to digest information and put it into practice.

There are SO many women out there who have one or more of these issues. This is where I can help…

What will you learn over the 6 weeks?


  • All about your own skin. How to determine what ‘type’ it is, how to know what to buy. How to put together a simple routine that you can be consistent with to get results. Also, a whole load of myth busting!
  • Skin tone. How to determine what skin tone you are. Cool/warm/olive/red undertones etc.
  • How to shop for foundation. How to colour match and get it right every time. (HINT it is definitely NOT how they teach you in the cosmetic counters)
  • Bronzer v. Blush. How to pick and how to use.
  • Eye shapes, what is yours? To enhance or correct? How to bring out the colour of your eyes.
  • Eyebrows. How to enhance without making mistakes
  • How to go from day to night/desk to dance floor.
  • Lips. How to find your ‘lips but better’ shade and your ‘out of your comfort zone’ shade
  • Tools. Finding you the right brushes and breaking down what they all do


Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I’m Katy, I’ve been a working pro Makeup Artist for 22 years. In that time I’ve worked on 1000’s of women’s faces, including Celebrities, Royals, CEO’s and thousands of Brides and their friends and families. I was recently awarded the TWIA (The Wedding Industry Awards) title of Makeup Artist of the Year for the East of England. My work has been seen on advertisements and record covers and in magazines and blogs throughout the world.

The best part of my job, hands down, is giving women the confidence to look in the mirror and be happy with what they see. I love working with REAL women, with REAL skin and all the issues that come with it. Women who have struggled to never find the right foundation/lipstick/look for them. That is my JOY. That smile at themselves in the mirror makes everything worth it.


My style of work. See? No heavy caked faces…


Where we’ve been featured and our awards


What makes me different from ALL the other makeup artists?

Because, let’s face it, everyone is a makeup artist these days, right? 
I consider myself one of the originals, before being a makeup artist was considered cool. I was influenced by the some of the greats. 

I honed my craft in various brands and trained under some of the finest make-up artists worldwide, one of whom was Laura Mercier. I worked in her team as a Global Make-up artist and trainer. It was under Laura that I honed my attention to details, my obsession with ensuring women were wearing the correct skin tone and creating the looks that keep me fully booked all year round. Once a woman is put in her correct foundation with the right undertones, everything else just looks better! And in my honest opinion, most women are NOT wearing their best shade.

Most importantly, I was trained to work in a time when there was no easy access to photoshop, no facetune on mobile phones (or cameras! It was that long ago!). There were certainly no filters. So, I had to learn to create perfect face first time round. That means I had to learn how to create makeup that looked good both on camera AND in real life. In daylight. On real women with real skin. And I want to teach this to you.


Why does an online course work?

If like me, you’re busy, spinning plates, juggling a job/business with kids, household stuff and LIFE, then online is your saviour. Being able to learn online means you get to set your own schedule, you can watch and learn all in one go or in bite-size chunks.  If the kids need your attention, off you go. Want to watch the videos on your commute? They’re all in a Dropbox for you to keep forever. Want to watch in the bathroom and practise at the same time in private? It’s all accessible from your phone. 

You will get:


Expert Access

Support from me, via the group. The group will give you direct access to me for the whole 6 weeks. This is your hub to have me deal with your questions and give you some one to one advice.

Peer Support

Every group of students on my course will get added to a Private Facebook Group. This group will be your classmates, your idea bouncers, your opinion givers!


You’ll be on this course because you want to learn new skills. We’ll be trying new things and you’ll benefit if you join in. Your peers on the group will soon rally round you if you feel left behind. If however you’re not comfortable sharing photos of yourself online, you can talk to me directly.

Live sessions

I’ll go live on a Zoom with you once a week. This will be the main lesson, alongside lots of additional video training on the Facebook group. Live is always best but if you can’t get on them (and it’s FINE if you can’t because LIFE!) then they will all be accessible to you to catch up on.


This is the big one. I will be passing on my 22 years of knowledge and making it something that you can understand. No garbled industry terminology, no marketing speak. Straight to the point, just like me in real life!

Supporting material

Where possible and appropriate, I will have material for you to download to help you learn.


What my past students have to say

Katy, the course has been fantastic and such a good investment. I’ve been really surprised, even in my 40s, by what there was to learn. I’m now properly updating my makeup and skincare for the first time in probably 20 years and it’s exciting to try some new brands I’d never heard of. I’m not there yet but improving the hydration is definitely making my makeup last longer…just as you said! I’ve spent my whole adulthood doing the exact opposite to my skin in the mistaken belief that this would make everything stay on longer! The need for more hydration has been nothing short of a revelation!! 

Thanks for your fantastic tuition (always just so relevant and ‘real life’), for always being available to answer questions and for your warm, friendly, lovely manner. Thanks so very much. Wishing you every success. 


So, I’m very behind with the lessons but I’ve finally… for the first time of my life got skin care that works! My pores look smaller, I’m much less oily and my skin is clearing up and looking fresher!!! So chuffed, because I actually feel like I now know what I should be looking for in future. I’m behind, but I’m really loving this course. Thank you.


What else is included?


Alongside all the detailed information, tips, tricks and techniques I share with you, I also give you downloadable material to help with your product purchases.


  • Skincare List. This is my personal product recommendations broken down into all the categories we cover in that lesson. Clickable links so you can easily shop, in various budget levels to take away the overwhelm 
  • Foundation & Concealer Guide. Another clickable shopping list of my favourite brands and formulas, broken down into the skin tones to help you with a starting point once we figure out what your skin tone is.
  • Bronzer Guide. Once you’ve figured out the perfect foundation shade and tone, putting the wrong bronzer shade on will undo all the good work we’ve done. The lesson covers the correct tones you need to use and this guide helps you shop for them.
  • Foundation Shopping Guide. So many people find the whole shopping experience intimidating. This guide helps you to learn how to get the very best out of your makeup counter shopping experience. From how to ask for the right shade, how to get a sample. How to test the right foundation and the verbiage to use to ensure you aren’t talked into a purchase you want to make. The relationship you build with a counter makeup artist can be key to getting the best service!


Your investment

Love this idea but want a little MORE?


My VIP options gives you 2x 40 minute video consultations with me. Your first is after module one to help you nail down your skin type and issues and put together the perfect skincare routine. The second one can be plugged in at any stage through the rest of the course. Valued at £100. Limited spaces available.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
We kick-off on the 23rd August. Enrollment opens 16th August and closes on the 22nd – so don’t dally around!

What if I can’t make the live?
All recordings will be posted in a Dropbox file that you will have permanent access to.

Will refunds be offered?
Due to the low cost, no refunds will be offered.

What will be expected of me? Your input level is entirely up to you. If you want to be an active member of the group you can ask questions and post photos for critique. If you would rather watch and learn and be an observer that is fine also.


If you have any other questions, then don’t hesitate to drop me an email at and I’d love to help you go from Confused to Confident!

Katy x