My Favourite Facemasks and a FREE month at Beauty Pie

Skincare for me, is a long term plan rather than an emergency fix. My mantra is ‘Keep it simple and be consistent’. So focus on Cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and treating your skin daily. This means that masks can be used as and when for relaxation or a boost of something, rather than being relied upon.

I want to show you my favourite masks for different skin types and issues. Don’t miss the last one which is a video review of a mask I definitely DO NOT recommend!

Oily/Combo/ Congested Skin

Beauty Pie Super Pore-Detox


I’ve been using this every 3/4 days for the last few weeks to get on top of the bumps brought on by wearing SPF 50 daily. It’s fresh and clean feeling, doesn’t set to an uncomfortable hard cast. It does have eucalyptus so expect a zing! When it’s dried and time to remove you add water and massage it in for a very gentle exfoliation (VERY). Rinse and remove with warm water.  £8.50 for members

FYI- I am not affiliated with Beauty Pie, meaning I don’t get any commission when I recommend their products. I do however have a code that you can use to get a free month. They are a membership that gives you access to stunning high end products for wholesale prices. Different membership levels give you different spending allowances. When I recommend someone I get extra spending allowance, meaning I spend more money with them. But no monetary compensation. 

Click here to access your free month and feel free to email me for product help 🙂

Tired/dehydrated/dull skin

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

A cult favourite (not that that means much) this mask is actually bloody lovely. It’s green, vegan and jam packed full of effective ingredients to brighten, re-hydrate and refresh your skin. Once on it feels a little like it’s slightly clarifying and that’s fine, it is! But alongside that it has vitamins, nutrients and ceramides so it plumps and reduces puffiness and inflammation. From £22.50 at Cult Beauty (not affiliated).


/Irritated Skin

First Aid Beauty Instant Oatmeal Mask

If your skin is just FURIOUS with you, tight, irritated then I highly recommend this affordable mask from First Aid Beauty. The first ingredient is Collodial Oatmeal which I know from soaking my kids in during a bout of chickenpox! It’s intensely soothing, has ingredients to counter itching too. And it’s not so expensive that you skimp with your applications. Layer this on! Not affiliated

Hope this helps, even just a little. Happy masking!

Katy x