Do you know what really floats my boat? High street bargains. Especially in the Beauty World. After working for high end premium brands for 13+ years I went freelance 11 years ago and discovered that the high street world of makeup was way better than I remembered. WAY BETTER…

Fast forward to today and the technology found in the £££ products has definitely found it’s way down to the high street.

I’m going to give you a spotlight on my favourite affordable brands, starting this week with REVOLUTION
This brand CLEARLY isn’t marketed towards me, a 41 year old makeup artist. It’s an influencer led brand make no mistake. but this is fine. It makes really good business sense for them. Some of these influencers have a reach of millions of followers. The only thing is- the way they use and demonstrate the products is very different to how I would use them, both on myself and my clients

So it means is that you have to pick and choose wisely from the brand to differentiate between what is more sparkle, less substance and what is genuinely good value, usable makeup.

Luckily, this is what I am here for! (Grab a pen and paper and make notes because I only have a store link not product links this time)


The first product I tried from the range was the Conceal and Define range of concealers. Turns out these have some kind of cult status which totally passed me by. I was drawn to the BRILLIANT shade range.

One of my bugbears with high street base ranges is usually the limited shade range and exclusively yellow/neutral tones.

Not only do they have a really good realistic shade range (ie not some obscure yellow/peach tones that don’t exist in real life) but they go from VERY light to VERY dark. This type of inclusivity needs to become the norm! My sister who has albinism can actually find a foundation and concealer in this brand which brings further kudos from me.

This concealer would suit anyone with normal/combination to oily skin. If you use a slightly richer moisturiser underneath it you can take this lightly over larger areas of the face, almost to replace foundation. For use under the eyes, layer over a deeply hydrating eye cream.


Basically, read the above and replace the DEFINE with HYDRATE. It’s an identical shade range and appeals to the less oily client. Definitely a better texture for under the eyes and the drier skin. I carry both the ranges in my professional makeup kit!

A third concealer option (and this is by no means their full concealer range, they have at least 4 more I think) is their Conceal and Define INFINITE. Basically a super long lasting version of the original and the one that I have been using most recently.

Under Eye Primer

I took a chance on this product, fully expecting it to be total crap. But it was £5 so I was prepared to take a punt.

I’m not the biggest primer fan, to be honest but I have aged under my eyes WAY more than on my face and I’ve not been enjoying the crepey texture. This combined with the Infinite concealer is working nicely for me!

A lightweight cream-gel, Revolution PRO Under eye Primer Hydrate glides onto the under eye area to instantly cool and refresh. Formulated with glycerin, it helps to intensively moisturise the skin, softening and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and pores. Dries down to a silky matte finish, creating a long-wearing base for concealer and foundation. I find my concealer wears a little longer on top of it as well as stays smoother and looks less textured for longer. 

Eye shadow Palette

Moving on from base, I ordered 2 eye shadow palettes for £10 each, again with not the highest expectation but WOW WAS I WRONG?

I have these 2 palettes, the more neutral Diamonds and Pearls palette being my absolute favourite, the So Jaded palette is fun too but not my everyday reach for.

Blendable, great pigment and really beautiful colours, I forgive the gaudy packaging and implore you to try them. £10!! They have lots of other colour ways too, including a taupey/grey so I’ll be picking that up soon.

All the Revolution and Revolution PRO ranges can be bought from Superdrug HERE

I show you below in my IGTV/Facebook video exactly how I wear them right HERE

I’d love to know if you try any of these and if you’ve got any product suggestions for ME?

Katy x