I bloody love skincare. Without it I can’t do my job. I always recommend a routine for my clients but  I take just as much care over my own skin. I would always rather spend time and effort on what goes under my foundation than my foundation itself.

The most important part of a routine for me is always…


If you’re currently using wipes, heed this. They are NOT cleaning your skin properly. They are merely moving the stuff around your face and leaving a weird coating on that you should really rinse off.  The same goes with cleansing creams/milk/micellar waters that need cotton pads. You will go through half a pack of pads before the skin is adequately clean. Keep it quick and keep it simple. A cleansing balm or oil is the most efficient way to thoroughly remove all make-up, dirt, oil, pollution and leave the skin CLEAN, yet NOT stripped. Nothing foaming, even you oily gals. As a fellow ex oily skinned person, I get the temptation to clean it til it squeaks. But trust me, your skin doesn’t like it and you’re just making the skin oilier. My current favourite cleansers are Beauty Pie Double Phase Cleanser, Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt and Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser. Use code Katy10 on those links if you’d like 10% off 




This is a non negiotiable step for me. Exfoliating is what I credit with the smoothness of my skin, plus it’s what keeps my congestion to a minimum. If you’re still exfoliating with a grainy scrub you’re definitely due for a switch. An acid toner dissolves the glue that hold dead skincells on. No one needs to hold on to dead skin. I swear by Jane Scrivner Skinfoliate (Katy10 gets you 10% off)

This is a lactic/salicylic acid blend, pretty gentle and has an anti bacterial ingredient in. I LOVE this product. 


Serums are an intense, easily absorbed shot of ingredient. I use a few, often I layer but I pick and choose depending on what my skin needs. Currently because we are in the middle of the Covid 19 isolation, my skin feels dull as dishwater and congested from a change in my diet (aka biscuits..). I am using these Beauty Pie Plantastic Drops

I also layer if needed with another Beauty Pie Serum Triple Hyaluronic Acid + Peptide. This gives me hydration, plumpness and comfort if I feel my skin needs a touch of TLC. If you’ve yet to try Beauty Pie, I urge you to take a look. It’s a membership/subscriptions service that gets you high end at wholesale price. Use this link here to get your first month free 🙂


I’m 41, not terribly unhappy with my skin at all but definitely aware that my skin is changing and I want to address it with products rather than injectables FOR NOW. Retinol was on my radar to try and a while but I was conscious that many of the OTC )over the counter) versions weren’t going to give me the results I want. The % of the retinol isn’t high enough or balanced with the other ingredients to give the best results. Also, I am aware that for retinol to have enough oomph it should be prescribed. I do not have the time or budget to see a dermatologist but I did find Dermatica and they are GREAT. Pharmacy grade skincare from under £25/month is a GOOD DEAL! Not affiliated, I just know a good thing when I see it…

Experts in Dermatology

Dermatica’s online service offers fast, easy and affordable access to prescription skincare treatment and aftercare. Our expert dermatology team will analyse your skin to determine the best treatment to achieve your skincare goals.

You fill in a detailed questionnaire and send photos of your skin, from that their dermatologists and pharmacy send you out an affordable medical grade skin treatment. I use the anti aging but they also have great options for acne, pigmentation and more. 

Stay safe and hydrated

Katy x