48 weddings for 2020. That’s how many weddings I had in my diary (not including my team) but I still don’t know how many of these I’ll end up working on. It is SUCH a heartbreaking state of affairs. For my Brides, for their families, for the wedding industry and small sole traders like myself. As well as the UK and beyond. Who would have thought the decade would start like this?

However, I am many things. Resilient being one of them. I’ve not taken my finger off the wedding pulse since lock down.

It seems that there may be a few things that are brought back in that could end up being out of sync. There are talks of really small, intimate weddings being able to take place and I think a few of my bridal clients will be wanting to take the opportunity to get married sooner than later. The big party can come later because they just want to be MARRIED.

They may not have the space (both logistically or budget wise) for a makeup artist but they know that they still want to look incredible. 

So I created Your Virtual Makeup Artist

What is Your Virtual Makeup Artist ?

A Virtual Makeup Artist (VME) is the next best thing to having a makeup artist with you on your wedding day. SO much more than a typical YouTube tutorial or a makeup counter lesson. A VME is uniquely designed for YOU. It is bespoke to YOU, designed to help you create the look you desire as if you had a makeup artist right there.

It is designed for YOU, easy to follow, safe and user friendly. It is a pre-recorded video for you to follow on the day as well as use to practice in the run up to give you the guidance and confidence to pull off your dream look on the day.

How does it work?

We start off with a video chat. I want to get to know you and you need to get to know me. We have a LOT of things to talk through! Firstly, your skin. Your makeup will look and perform a lot better when your skin is at it’s best. I will talk you through a simple routine and your on the day prep.

We need to discuss your looks so I encourage you to share your dream looks with me. This is the online version of your Bridal makeup trial. All the things you would discuss with your makeup artist for the day. Shades, colours, lashes, eyeliner shapes, winged liner V. smoky eye etc. We thrash it all out, sharing images of makeup you love, makeup you DON’T (always good to know!). Once we have a clear idea of the look you’re after, I summarize it for you in an email alongside products you’ll need to have.

I then record you a fully comprehensive, easy to follow, step by step video for you to watch, practice with and follow on the day.

 The Look

Do you have a really set idea if the look you want? Great! Do you have absolutely no idea and really need guidance? That’s totally fine too. Are you worried about being over done on the day when you barely wear makeup? I get it. I will listen and recommend a suitable look. 

Would you prefer a look a little more glamorous? Let’s do it! I love creating glamorous, timeless looks that don’t look heavy. 

If you’re worried about MY style not being YOUR style, that’s fine. I don’t really have a ‘style’ because my style is what YOU want. It’s my job to create YOUR dream makeup look for you, not mine.

NOT GETTING MARRIED but you’d like a Virtual Makeup Artist to help you create a look to practice at home? Maybe you’re going back to work after Mat leave? Or starting a new job. You may feel like your skin or hair has changed since your last make over? I will happily tailor this for YOU.

Take a look HERE and you can call/email me with ANY questions you may have

Katy x







Stay safe and hydrated

Katy x