Laura got spliced to her beau, Mark on October 20th. It could’ve been an August day, the sun was glorious. This venue however would look immense in every weather. Although it was lovely, on my first ever visit, to see it basking in light.


Nothing understated about Butley Priory.

My connection to Laura is so wonderful. Back in 2012 I worked with Amanda on her wedding. Her wedding became known as the ‘wedding of the beautiful people’ as I was asked regularly if it was a styled shoot, such was the perfection of all involved.

Fast forward 6 years and Laura is the 2nd bridesmaid, and the 3rd friend from that wedding whose bridal makeup I’ve now done. All 3 wore very different styles, all equally stunning.

Laura wanted very subtle, warm toned elegant makeup to complement her features and colouring.

Laura’s sister and Bridesmaid had very different colouring and was wearing a light sage/turquoise dress needed a look that toned in with Laura, yet also worked with her colouring and dress.

Laura and Catherine

On Laura – Using a selection of skincare to smooth, hydrate and prepare her skin for base, I used a golden toned foundation sparingly and specifically to give Laura’s skin a sheer veil and even it out. Correctors and concealer was used around the eyes to neutralise and brighten. On her eyes, I used a Memi shadow palette in Matte Muse, eyeliner by NewCID in CopperBrown and a brow pencil in a brilliant neutral ashy shade by Studio 10

On the lips we used Memi Kiss and Tell and I delicately dabbed this on cheeks too.

For Catherine we used the same skincare, base range and eye palette however the lip was lighter and peachier, Memi Mood was just perfect, lightly defined by a light brown Rimmel Lip pencil.

Make-up and photography by me.

I can’t wait to see the professional photos too!

Katy x