One of my favourite things to do is to give my opinion! I have many! I’m pretty vocal about them and it works in my favour, it means I put out the type of opinion that divides people. And this means I end up surrounding myself with those who are passionate about many of the same things as me.

It also works very well in my bridal work. Because one of the things I am VERY opinionated about is the awful trend of drag-esque make-up in every day life. NOT because I don’t love drag. I do. I trained to do drag make-up and I adore it. The skill level it requires is high… However, no one wears it quite like the queens. And it is certainly not a look/trend that should be on young women.

I was recently asked by The Metro to put my thoughts on paper and they printed it.


Hundreds of shares from the article alone, a further hundred or so from my link alone. This article reached the far corners of the world and I had SUCH amazing feedback.

Have a read of it here and I’d love to know what you thought. Even if you disagree with me!

Katy x