The Natural Brides Guide to Makeup


Over the years it’s a conversation I’ve had time and time again. Reassuring a bride to be at her trial that her ‘on the day’ makeup won’t be heavy, or too dark or my favourite- like a clown… I mean, that would be AWFUL…

So I want to bust a few myths about what Bridal Makeup needs to be…

Here’s the glorious thing… it can be whatever you want it to be. There’s no Makeup Police Department, thankfully. So, if you want to stroll down the aisle in not a scrap of makeup, you can. Likewise, if full glam is your everyday go to, you can do that too.

What we can address is what works photographically. Because that isn’t opinion, it’s fact. Sciencey fact.


Let’s Bust Some Makeup Myths

You DO NOT need to go heavy on your base to look good in the photographs. This is modern day photography, not 1920’s black and white TV. It’s of the utmost importance that you look as good IN THE FLESH as you do on camera.

You DO NOT need to go heavy to make your makeup last longer. If it were as simple as piling it on thick and cakey then I wouldn’t be needed! Longevity is a much more complicated, multi stepped beast than that.

Natural makeup means no colour. Just varying shades of beige, taupe and fawn. Lord no, that doesn’t look natural at all! It looks dull, flat and unflattering.


What you do Need to do to Take your Everyday Look to a Natural Bridal Look is this

  • Create a flawless, skin like base. Technology these days means that skin can look fresh, smooth and even without lots of texture. Make sure your face blends in with your neck and body so that your face doesn’t photograph differently.
  • Add dimension and warmth by using a gentle touch of bronzer on the larger plains of the face. Don’t be alarmed. It will help to keep your skin looking real, rather than flat. Our faces aren’t one single colour.
  • Ramp up the definition just a touch. Photography will require a little more sharpness. So take your usual brown mascara and swap for black. Your smoky blended out kohl will need to be a little denser at the root of your lashes.. Think your makeup + rather than an entire new look
  • Don’t skip lips. “I don’t wear lipstick. I don’t want a bright red or anything…” Luckily, there are literally an infinite number of colours between your lips and bright red. The most flattering shade if you don’t want to look ‘lipsticky’ is your lips but better. Don’t eliminate the colour from your lips altogether, it will look unbalanced and can often make the teeth look yellow when they aren’t. Try a lip toned lip pencil with lip balm if the thought of lipstick is still too much.
  • Powder your skin on the areas that you need it. T-zone and around the eyes (minimally) to stop creasing. Set the rest of the face with a setting spray.
  • Don’t shy away from lashes. If clumpy mascara isn’t your thing, individual lashes will actually give you a more natural look.
  • Blusher is another product I stand behind on 99% of people. It doesn’t have to be rosy if you’re worried about flushing through the day. If you’ve given yourself enough coverage on the red areas, a nice tawny peach/browny pink will give you a freshness and lift your complexion. This is more flattering than a flat base and actually softens a look. Try it!

The best thing I can suggest is to have an open and honest conversation with your makeup artist, show photos of you wearing your everyday makeup and also how you wear your makeup in the evening. Finally have your makeup artist take a photograph to show you, preferably on a professional camera. This should put your mind at rest!

Katy x